The chameleon can take on the colors of its background.

I was deeply affected by his speech.

I think I need a lawyer.


You weren't invited.

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Susan didn't seem to be so busy.


Is it OK if I drink alcohol?

A friend of mine called me up last night.

We may be in danger.

Phiroze tried to take the microphone away from Morgan.

This bread is hard as a rock.

Who are you writing to?

How did you end up being Dave's manager?

We trusted him.

That's how it is.

Pugs are not cute.

Tai and Travis met through an online dating website.

Masanobu wore a simple dress.

Do you still love them?

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I want to ask you about her.

He likes baseball very much.

When he arrived the weather was most beautiful.

This is my friend Rachel. We went to school together.

I hope you find it interesting.

Ji told his dentist that he brushes his teeth after every meal.

He was an early riser in his youth.

The victim died at a hospital in Boston.

You're competitive.


Jin is awesome.

Real gave his all, but it wasn't enough.

Please tell me your present address.

These birds migrate to North Africa in winter.

We have a chance.


Our army attacked the enemy during the night.

Are you sure Pim can do this by himself?

You've got to take it easy.

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They have no impact on the environment.


I grew up eating Mexican food.

Nici was never my friend.

English spelling is not phonemic.

They backed me up in everything.

The clock strikes 4


My cats will love this.

I was aching all over.

The doctor said that grandmother is still very sick, but she's out of the woods.

Lyndon described what had happened in detail.

Nice talking with you.

He should have been more careful.

We love coming here.

Kristi said he read a lot of interesting books over the summer.

He came.

Romain has helped a lot of people in this town.

Stanley and Hui have actually never been on a date yet.


Tell me about your life, work and hobbies.

You don't want to know what I know.

Lorenzo kept focused.

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I told Herve I'd take care of him.

Tomorrow we leave for Stockholm!

Excuse me, may I come in?


When she heard it, she got very excited.


Her father is a bank employee.

Ted can't handle it.

Brent's a fantastic leader.

I think you're better off without Carlos.

Briggs's mom loves the dog more than her.

I've seen Jacobson do some pretty remarkable things.

I've thought long and hard over this.

He was surprised to find the great artist's masterpiece hung on the wall upside down.

Everyone can't afford a car.

My sister isn't studying now.

You'll soon get accustomed to this cold weather.

Ben loves your sister.

I have brought my shoes, coat and umbrella.

Washington was worried.

I missed an opportunity to clobber him.

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Can I count on your loyalty?

He is thought to be difficult to deal with.

He had gone there to help garbage workers strike peacefully for better pay and working conditions.


Beware! Beware! The Dragonborn comes!


Siping dressed herself hastily.

My feet hurt.

Stagger's bed's empty.

I'll have a drink.

I told him not to give up.

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Carsten needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Have you checked your calculations?

I'm here for a while.

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Where is the nearest bus stop?

His book is red.

I like this school.

Computers are being introduced into this company.

I laugh to make you happy.

My immediate boss is tough to please.

Ira will not do it.


Shakespeare's works are frequently considered among the greatest in the English language.

I thought Bonnie's performance was satisfactory.

To tell the truth, that film was not very interesting to me.


Izzy says that she's allergic to boys.


I don't think it's safe for you to do that.

I think all of us are concerned.

Maria was sentenced to life without parole.

Therein lies the problem.

The company called in all the baby food made in July.

Please put the light out when you leave the room.

I never want to see that guy again.

Subra certainly has a better understanding of this matter than I do.

I was told I shouldn't do that.

I hope that your parents will allow us to get married.

Help me out here, Ninja.

I'll see them.

I start at noon.

I thought you were on my side.

I don't have a picture of them.

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The protesters demanded government reform.


Let's sing that song again.


Do you think Cindy is going to agree to this?


Jesper hasn't called back yet.

I think I can speak French well enough to get by.

To come down to brass tacks, you owe me something.


What have you got?

I don't get in fights with people.

Roland wants you to do it.

Did Pascal do what you asked him to do?

They're building a new square.

I need an escort.

When did it first start to happen?

Who are your parents?

How often do you change your razor blade?

I got a letter from an old friend yesterday.

Shahid sat on a park bench.

I imagined that.

Something's bothering them.

I was writing a letter.

It looks like they are at it again.

I'm bored and don't know what to do.

Vern isn't like that.

I don't want him to hear.

His selfish attitude put my back up.

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What is it that you do, exactly?

The airport is quite far from the city centre.

You need a secretary.

Which movie did you like most this year?

I told Jarl no.


He never visited her.


Context is very important.

I didn't know Fay did that.

I'll tell you afterwards.


Is Naomi the father of Maria's daughter?

I'll never forget the soft and moist skin of my lover on that summer night.

If you were really my friend, you wouldn't still be conversing with him.

"It wasn't my fault," said Alexis.

For Hawking, writing this book was not easy.


I wish I was wrong.

I will go out if he comes here.

I told Mitch it was a bad idea.

He was looked down on as a liar.

I really loved you.

There is no one there.

Ric seems to like the same kind of music as Kristen.

Can I see him now?

Casey lives in Tver.


Don't take your eyes off him.

Kanthan was seriously injured in the accident.

It's natural to get nervous when a plane takes off.


Galen drives Jack up the wall.


I think we can handle this.